Spirits in the Material World – The Editor

I was out for a night cap the other day with a bunch of friends and guess what; these guys who have worked under the tutelage of Narayana Murthy suggested that I read the Mahabharata. Then I asked them, “Why should I do that?” The reply was, “it will tell you how different characters behave and how each individual around you is a type set of the character in the great epic.”  I found it very amusing at first and then the lack of a smile on their faces made me realize, there was more to it than what meets the eye when it comes to books and dealing with ups and downs in business. Rumour has it that Mr Murthy too has recently devoured the great epic and is passing on his knowledge of right action, purpose and liberation to his employees by recommending the book. Of the fourth principle, which is “pleasure”- I have no idea how it will be disseminated, but I presume it is in telling ourselves that victory lies in trying to figure out how one builds a great business.

In the early nineties I read a lot of books about the Japanese Art of War and the Warrior. My friends and I said to ourselves, “this is what will discipline us.” Yes we did cut a lot of strategies to precision and in the end it was about cutting in to others to survive when the dot com bubble burst. I was just recovering from being a “ronin” samurai and had returned after a few years in the western world, only this time I was armed with social theories, propaganda and knowledge of political campaigns. So I reentered the world of business to convince myself and everyone around me about a new and changing India. One must remember that when the going was high in 2005, the Bhagvad Geeta was being introduced in most B-Schools and many businessmen were latching on to its teachings. The call of the day was “do your duty, and move away from all the dullness of the mind.” Come 2008 I saw all philosophies disappear and I was rejoicing with the fact that there are no more books to be read to justify business cycles and their aftermath. Instead, I saw a lot of my friends find faith in a church or a temple. I settled for finding myself and accepting losses with a glee and greeting profits with my own hard work and providence. But all my experience did not stop me from being furious when someone stole a deal; then came the suggestion to read the Mahabharata, confirming to me that even books move with business cycles. Very soon I feel movies like StarWars and its legendary dialogue “May the force (money) be with you” will be the object of discussion with future business executives and entrepreneurs. But I still don’t know if all this helps us from not being spirits in the material world. Do let me know about your episode with books and business cycles. Let me go Viedea now.


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