Viedea starts blogging again

We’ve always wanted to create a ‘Viedea Blog’ that will serve as a platform to debate issues relevant to our and our clients’ businesses and expresss new ideas, research and analysis. More importantly we also want our blog to be an expresssion of the culture, ethics and aspirations Viedea stands for.

Despite the intent, it’s been a year since we last posted something on this blog. The last 12 months have been a blur of frenzied start up activity. Finally the state of intertia has been overcome and we hope to post regularly. Ironically, it’s one of the bleakest mornings in a long, long time – The unimaginable, mind numbing terror attacks Mumbai, the worst economic crisis anyone can remember, and a Manchester like gloomy drizzle in Bangalore- all contribute in good measure. However, there is a strange spirit of resilience, of not giving in, of not letting anyone walk over you, of the urgent need to harness all that is good and fair and ultimately succeed the ‘right way’.

Our posts over the next few days will cover topics such as the impact of the global finacial situation on VC/PE funding in India, an analysis of Mobile VAS investment opportunities, buyout opportunities in the current market, etc. Contributors will be Viedea team members as well as industry experts. Keep reading!

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